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Christmas will be here soon!

2009年12月01日 22:02

Hello everyone! The holiday season has arrived. I really love this time because it reminds me of when I was living in America. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! What a great time! It’s different in Japan, but I still feel happy during this time.

It seems like every year is getting faster and faster, doesn’t it? Can you guys still remember your New Year’s resolutions? Well, I have them posted on the board so we’ll see how many of you completed them!

We will have a Christmas party this month on the 19th at 5pm. Please join us if you have the chance. It will start at 5pm. It’s a potluck party so please bring a dish with you. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun. We will definitely get a visit from Santa!

Thank you to all the students who did the November Monthly Vitamin Assignment! I asked all students to make words from “Happy Thanksgiving”. Many of you came up with a lot of words, but the winner came up with a whopping 352 words!! Can you believe it? Off the top of my head, I only came up with about 150 so I was very surprised! The winner of the November Monthly Vitamin is … Kanae!! Good job!! I hope everyone will do the December Monthly Vitamin!

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season! I’m looking forward to seeing you.